How frustrated I was back then, and how fruatrated I am now

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Seeing my blogs after three years makes me makes me think how frustrated I was and

How changed an individual I am.

Back then,
I didn't like sports
Loved texting
Hangout was partying
My blogs - I loved it
Most interesting - aimed to be in IT Company

I am crazy for football and f1 (watching f1 while writing this blog :-P)
Hate texting
Party.. Still in hangover
Blogs - yikes - I was so bad
Working in Infosys

Suffering with real frustration now..

Why the hell should I study?

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    Isn't it enough that I think about studying, why the fuck do my exams come every second week.

    The moment I tend to recover from exam fever, it comes standing next to me saying 'Hello loser'

    Why the heck should I study and do things which I don't like, fuck this engineering, I hate being an engineer, I've lost me in training myself to become a professional.

    Professionalism is not what I seek, I want fun and joy, I want the feeling of 'being myself'

    Last semester was freakin' part of my life, the period in which I enjoyed the most, did every freakin' things possible, yet cleared all my subjects with good percentage. Well to say, I got 80%. When I said about my score to all, every one's reaction was 'fuck, how can you..' (With their eyebrows raised in shock)

    None was ready to believe, how can a zombie like me can, especially I didn't believe it, my reaction was same as everyone else' was, I was obliged to ask myself 'is it a dream?'

    Another woefully weeded exam cart is coming my way, in stead of grooming (studying), I'm blogging. Fully aware of the fact that if I start even now I can easily pass tomorrow's test, wait. Why the hell I'm ruining my Sunday, Sundays aren't meant for studies, how the hell I can even think of studying.

    I'll easily clear tomorrow's test as I cleared last semester without studying, so why the hell should I study?

    Fuck Internals, Fuck Engineering, at last fuck studies.


Self made Jokes

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Hey Kacy, donkey on a plane..!

What.? Is that supposed to be funny.. J

Yes..! Donkey on a plane..

It's not funny though.. :-@

Donkey inside a plan..

Man..% You've completely lost it..

I'll call my dad and he will say 'donkey on a plane'

And then I'm sure you'll find it funny



What you doing?

Talking to you.. [

C'on.. It isn't time to kid..

Seriously, don't you believe me..?

I give up..? L

He he..! OMG..! look at you.. Nothing was
just jobless

That's better…

Ok, What you doing..!

Chatting with you…! Lol..

Come on son, let's have some adventurous task


You're happy isn't it..?


Then go and get hand tool..

Wow..! We are going for hunting..

No, we are going for gardening

What the f*** ..!

*Ass kissing and false praising will seriously be appreciated * lol..

New Year’s resolution

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It is my 20th New Year celebration, and up to what I remember I've been taking New Year's resolution right from my 8th grade. Good isn't it? But worst at the same time, I never followed my resolutions for more than a week.

My 8th grade New Year's resolution (I wonder I really took at that age)

  • I'll never fling on with abusive terms, which I'd have overdrawn on 2nd day (and every another year I repeated with that resolution, hope I wouldn't have to continue with it in the next year)
  • I'll eat all green vegetables, obliged to me by my mom (I tried to follow, but never succeeded in it, believe me, I'm trying till now)
  • I'll always maintain brotherly relation with Bipin (my old neighbor), in a sense I'll never fight with him, and it was that time we shifted our home. It also been almost 7 years since we came across, but technically I kept that resolution (Just because we never met)

So it means, New Year's resolution are meant to be broken, but as a part of routine I've designed a new set of resolution this time

  • Many said that I talk longer over phone, well that's not bad, but I talk longer even when I'm in gathering (I know it's rude, but didn't realized it until my friend pointed it out), So, my first resolution I'll avoid conversation over phone while I'm in gathering
  • My first ever resolution I'll try not to use abusive words (I pray I follow this one at least, I'm quite fed up of repeating it every year)
  • I'll always help poor; up to what I can (I realized that the joy lies in giving after all my friends suggested going for some charity)

  • I'll always make a point in following only one book at a time (Many times I read two books, and end up leaving both the books half way), I might omit this resolution because I'm currently reading Mein Kampf, which is so boring, reading it will be a mind-numbing experience.

Let us see if I follow this, and also this December 31st will mark a complete one year to my blogging. Thanks to all my visitors lol.. I'm talking like hundreds of people visit my space daily. But who ever visits is now a part of my life. Again I'm behaving like I'm getting blog award.

My Achievements

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    My story won (I didn't expect that, that story didn't deserved any reward), you can see the badge.

    I was ranked 25th among 100 Indian bloggers (though my friend say it's not a big deal, I feel it is)

I've never been so happy, learnt two more lessons,

Never expect much (I doesn't mean you need to be pessimist)

Criticism is the only key to success

My past days

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It has been two months since I was away from blogging; well, these two months were happiest months of my life. I've learnt many things, believe me 'many',

Firstly, I learnt that people get bored in my company (Can't help it, why should I change for others)

How much ever sad you're, don't let that sorrow to conquer you (I didn't let my mood to conquer me)

Akon got a new fan (I'm the one)

Despite blogging, I've started with stories too (It wasn't nice, though here's the link)

It takes time for me to get inner lying meaning of phrase, either it may be a forward or a joke (It doesn't mean I'm dumb)

Two days of illness are two years long (Not swine flu, I've been suffering from seasonal flu)

I'm quite good at flirting (I know self appraisal)

I want to read a qur'an (I don't whether it is quran or quaran or quran, please help me)

And at last, I love to be criticized these days (Might be I loved before too, but just now realized)

He wished..

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He wished,

He could stop tears from her numb eye,

Only if she doesn't cry,

He'd even prefer to die,

 He wants to be the guy,

Bearing whom in mind, she feels shy,

Waving his palms on her beautiful hair,

He wished he could reach there,

 Only then he realized,

With her pale eye,

She was wishing him final goodbye,

 He wished he could die.